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Northwood Country Market has been in operation since December of 2001 when Glenn and Loretta Kilmer acted on their wish to open a retail food market.  The family was all closely involved from the start.  Oldest in the family is Sheldon and he was most heavily involved in the beginning years.  Though he has since moved to PA. and now works for Landis Computer he is still keenly interested in the store and occasionally lends his experise for computer and technical issues.  The other 4 boys (Justin, Jared, Jaden, & Brenden) all work full time at the store and have for many years.  The only girl in the family, Sheila, is married to Bruce Graber.  Bruce works at Rockland Flooring and they both help out here once in a while.

When we started out we had no fresh meat or produce.  What we were then was a bulk food/discount grocery w/ some deli.  Our journey has led us to quite a differant set up today!  The first 5-6 years were very hard.  It is very good for us to occasionaly look back and count our blessings.  when we started the establishment we had houses on either side of us (a house were culver is and a small trailer park were dollar General is).  Across the road was a vacant lot and a car wash stood were O'Reillys is now.  Many things have changed over the years.  I'm sure changes will continue to happen.  At least I know we have many area's we need to grow an improve in

We are grateful for all the staff that has helped us grow over the years.  In the opening paragraph we talked about the family because we started as a family business.  That has served us well and by all means we (the Kilmer family) don't plan on going anywhere.  Yet as we keep growing, our "family" needs to grow.  We are always on the look out for someone who would identify with our statement of core values and would be willing to make this more than a temporary job...even a career if we are permitted to use that word.