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group photo 12-23-14

Christmas 2014 (click on picture's for a larger view)

We believe in the "stability of rootedness".  It seems the model in much retail establishments today is to make a job as simple as possible.  This enables a company to hire workers that are not enpowered.  Because the business or corporation holds the cards they will pay minimum wages or as low as possible.  So naturally the employees are not invested in the work they are doing - they do not understand and are not expected to.  Because of this system, the workers often end up serving the "corporation" rather than the customers.


Here we try to think of the store as your store.  We love to try an accommodate special requests.  We try to be transparent in our dealings.  We want you to set the pace.  Our primary objective is to help you achieve what you came to do.  At the core, we want to fulfill and recognize the well being and dignity of every person that comes through the doors.  We hope to do this 1. By providing great food with quality and integrity 2. By developing and maintaining meaningful relationships. We have to remind ourselves what a great privilege it is to do this and we are very grateful and honored that you give us this opportunity.  If you see an area we could improve or did not feel satisfied, please let us know.  Thank you


group photo December/2013

Christmas 2013

Summer 2013

Summer 2013